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“This book explains in clear and entertaining prose how to build, manage and finance businesses, based on the author’s own experience. It will prove particularly useful for readers who want to learn how to obtain financing and navigate the complexities of mergers and acquisitions.”

Daniel Fisher
CFA, Senior Editor
Forbes Magazine

“Mike Brosig and his team brought not only enthusiasm but a high level of preparation to our discussions. Their personal commitment to the process and understanding of their business plan gave us great confidence that they would succeed.”

John Anderson
Former Chairperson
BT Financial Corporation

“A book that an entrepreneur will find useful to plan for and to react to different obstacles one is faced with buying a business. It is based on the actual experience of a veteran, successful entrepreneur and describes the important and necessary items needed in a business plan.”

Greg Winger
SVP-Regional Commercial Banking Manager
First National Bank of PA.

“Mike Brosig is a well-respected and very successful business builder. He took a number of take overs and implemented his hands on marketing approach. His entire approach from outside financing to department heads to the sales organizations were so well thought out and made sense to the bottom line. Mike knows how to turn the most difficult business challenges into profitable Adventures.”

Jack Sweeney, CRMC
Former General Sales Manager
KCBS Newsradio in San Francisco
Founder. Electronic Media Consultants

“Mike Brosig provides a realistic and practical look at an entrepreneur being in the trenches in the business world. Real life lessons are hard to beat!”

Linda Thomson
Johnstown Area Regional Industries , Inc.

“A fascinating view of the twists and turns of deal making and a close up look at the commitment and adaptability of a true entrepreneur in the face of adversity.”

Bob Layo
President & CEO
Greater Johnstown Cambria County Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

“I have experienced a major non-profit merger, the planning stages of a for-profit company sale (which never occurred), and an unexpected for-profit closure. From those experiences and a wide variety of others, both personally and professionally, I find this book to be a true ‘spot on’ read of the array of thoughts and emotions that come with all of those events. I think what I appreciated most about this book is knowing Mike Brosig, and truly being able to ‘hear’ him tell this story, ‘his’ story. To me, the book offers a gentle, yet commanding approach to guiding one through a change of ownership, rumored sale, or company merger. What I found most surprising and unexpected out of this book is that it left me truly inspired on a personal level. The lessons in the book from learning the ability to separate supporters from possible naysayers, to a twist on the definition of luck, are real and valuable. In my opinion, the text is crafted to be easily understood by a new executive or a seasoned CEO. What a great tell-all about fearlessness, opportunity, business, and community!”

Amy Horwath
Assistant Vice President of Workforce Development
Goodwill Industries of the Conemaugh Valley

“I was very inspired by the book…even having been there for much of what occurred! Was specifically impressed with how Mike Brosig and his/our Organization raised the initial amount of cash required so quickly, but as the book points out, it was a lifetime of achievement and relationship building that made the capital campaign such a success!

This is a great read for anyone contemplating the purchase of or investment in a business! Also a great read for someone currently in management or ownership. (I hope it becomes required reading in someone’s Business classes at a University).”

Mike McKendree
Founder/Managing Partner
Radio434 LLC

“Understanding how to leverage relationships is essential in any new venture, Ride the Wave of Ownership Change demonstrates why.”

John D. Wolffe
CEO & Founder
Jennco Solutions, Inc.

“Mike Brosig did a very insightful job with a very challenging subject in today’s business world. Good, real world, practical advice from someone who has been there.”

Denny Kulish
Business Law Professor (Adjunct)
Saint Francis University

“Mike Brosig’s book reminded me of the sheer pleasure of representing well prepared clients with a business plan and vision in transactions which feature stimulating legal and transactional issues, some of which were humorous -at least after the fact. It was easy to read and I found it very interesting.”

Michael W. Sahlaney Esq.

“I really enjoyed getting to read a brief preview of your book. I didn’t want to put it down. I wanted to see what happened next. It truly captures the essence of our human condition as corporate life sometimes collides and challenges us to think outside the box.”

Ron Devine
Sr. Vice President
CBIZ Benefits & Insurance Services Inc.

“Mike Brosig’s approach is both personal and pragmatic. Having bought and sold businesses I know my clients and I will benefit greatly by Mike’s insights.”

D.C. Nokes
Business Owner and Attorney

“The book is quite readable. While reading it I was wanting to read what happens next. It gave very specific insightful information which was very helpful. I see the book as refreshingly real world and not academic. An easy read with real substance to it.”

John Moore
Sandler Training, Moore Power Sales, Altoona, Pa.

“Mike Brosig shares his expertise and personal success stories in a format that is both accessible and interesting to read, while providing useful information—well worth your time. The author is highly successful, whether in business ventures or community involvement, attesting to his skills in business, finance, and influence.”

Denise Weaver
Freelance Writer and Business Owner

“This is an extremely well written book where problems that anyone in the job market have already been confronted with, are being confronted with or will be confronted with eventually. The problems and their solutions are handled unemotionally.”

Mary Borkow
Community Activist

“Sound advice from someone who has lived it.”

Kim Kunkle
Chief Executive Officer
Laurel Holdings, Inc.

“Ownership changes in business adds so many uncertainties, and there are also many lessons to learn. Mike Brosig’s book unpacks his experience through a business purchase and gives key lessons and signposts to move you towards success in your own world.”

Mike Hruska
Problem Solutions

“A real life story that can help you find your way.”

Bill Horner
Winston Corporation

“I think this is an insightful, truthful and clearly written exploration into what really happens in business dealings that comes from an experienced, honest voice.”

Mike Kane
President and Executive Director
Community Foundation for the Alleghenies

“Mike Brosig brings a practical approach that is a must read to anyone who will ever be involved in a business transfer. His writing not only provides real world examples but also detailed steps in accomplishing the transition, important tips learned from experience and a perspective from each party’s viewpoint. The book is written in an organized format that would provide valuable insight to the person involved in their initial transaction to the experienced investment banker.”

Joel Valentine, CPA, CVA, CM&AA Shareholder
Wessel & Company