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Ride the Waves of Ownership Change by Mike BrosigRide the Waves of Ownership Change by Mike Brosig is now available!

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About Mike Brosig

Mike BrosigHaving the opportunity to attend college before, during, and after my four years of service in the US Air Force, I graduated from the University of Maryland with a marketing degree and significant course work and minors in accounting, psychology, and economics.

In addition to other complementary employment, I worked for three very diversified holding companies during my career in various management capacities. In between the second and third holding companies I had the opportunity to own my own business, and did so successfully.

In all four of these situations I worked with many different business structures… sole proprietorships, partnerships, limited partnerships, Master limited partnerships, sub S corporations, LLCs, C Corporations, revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts and even a Unitrust. I have developed a real appreciation for when to apply each of these different forms of ownership.

Through many years of serving in management positions I learned the difference between leadership and management. I believe that I have always served in both capacities with honesty and integrity throughout my career. Hopefully I am a good example in proving that good guys don’t always have to finish last.

I wrote this book to help others, like the many who I have coached along the way. If you apply yourself, you too can have it all — a full personal life along with a successful business career.

In a series of radio station interviews on various radio stations with topical subject matter related to my book Ride the Waves of Ownership Change set up by my publicist, I reached over 1,060 stations during my eight interview campaign! This included major media brands – ABC News Radio, SiriusXM, iHeart Media, as well as targeted business outlets – BizTalk Radio, Small Business Advocate, Money Radio. With FIVE National Shows I was heard coast to coast!

“Supporting Businesses Through Change,” an article about Mike Brosig in the January 2017 issue of Corporate America, is available online (PDF).